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I have building approval to build a new house. Do I need approval to remove the trees?

No. Vegetation clearing within an approved building footprint for the construction of an approved detached dwelling is self-assessable. No application is necessary.

I live in a complex (building unit plan/group title plan) and there is a tree on common property that I want removed. Can I remove this tree?

Not without body corporate approval. You may also need a permit from the council depending on where the tree is and what council you are under. You can check with us or the council directly.

The tree is dead so can I remove it without council approval?

Probably. In most areas it's okay to remove (totally) dead trees, but a permit is still required in some environmentally sensitive areas.

The leaves from the neighbour's tree drop in my pool – surely that means they have to remove the tree?

No. In many cases, pools are built well after trees have become established. If the trees are not causing any damage and are just dropping leaves, the council would not look favourably at an application for removal.

Can I throw the branches back into their property?

You can lop off overhanging branches of a neighbour's tree if the branches are causing a nuisance. You should not trespass on the neighbour's land to do this. However, any branches you lop off belong to them and they cannot refuse to take the branches back if you are unable or unwilling to dispose of them. We generally just remove the branches as it's often easier and prevents problems with the neighbours.

Will the council remove the tree(s) on my property?

No, if the council approves the tree(s) to be removed, you will have to engage your own tree specialist/contractor to do the work.

My neighbour's tree overhangs my property. Is there anything I can do?

Yes. You may prune what is on your side of the fence as long as it is not detrimental to the tree's health (only to the boundary line). However, any branches you lop off belong to them and they cannot refuse to take the branches back if you are unable or unwilling to dispose of them.

If you cut my trees, can I keep the mulch?

Yes. Provided there is a convenient place to spray or tip it, there is no extra cost.

Will I save money if I cut my trees down myself and just hire you to mulch them?

Sometimes. If the trees are difficult to cut down or the access is tight and you drag the branches out, then you may save some money. However, if the trees are at the front and are easy to cut down, then it's often just as easy for us to cut them and mulch them. Why not get a quote from us before you start? You could save a lot of unnecessary effort.

How big a branch can you mulch?

The chipper will take a 450 mm (18 inch) diameter log, so it will cope with a very large branch. If you can drag it, we can mulch it.

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