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Tree removal in confined space

Our staff members are experts in tree climbing as well as in operating cherry pickers and cranes. They will assess and use the best appropriate approach to deal with the job; especially when dealing with tree removal or pruning in confined space and with limited access. Additionally, they will make sure to apply all the necessary health and safety measures.

Branches are carefully lowered on ropes where necessary to avoid damage to property and other nearby plants.

The Tree Musketeers tradesmen have the required expertise and resources not only to remove dead or dangerous trees of any sizes but also to fell trees or dismantle them according to the space available and which is the safest option.

They are also professionals in deadwooding and pruning to improve structures, lift the crown of trees with low foliage or reduce the size of the crown in respect to the Australian standards.

We make sure not to damage any trees while working on your projects, our staff only uses spurs on trees that will be removed and never on those that are to be pruned; ropes and cherry pickers are used in these cases.

Contact The Tree Musketeers for all your projects and benefit from the useful and honest advice from our experienced and highly trained team.